Sunday, February 17, 2013

Find A Grave Organization

Well, yesterday I went to Sgt. Bluff Cemetery to find the graves that I "claimed" in Find A Grave. I walked up and down the hill at the cemetery looking for six graves and found only two. I was so disappointed and felt like a failure. I take this very seriously because I know the people that ask for these pictures of their loved ones graves, is very important to them.

I myself have 2 requests out there because I can't get to Scotia, NE., or Los Angeles, CA. Sometimes I think folks just need closure, like I do with my grandmother in Scotia, or it is for their genealogy project. My grandmother was murdered in 1940 and found on the road, US 30/26, W. 1st St., in Ogallala, Ne. My mom was 9 yrs. old at the time and I have heard this story all my life and wanted to know more about my grandmother.

Anyway, I just added two more to my Find A Grave list for Sgt. Bluff Cemetery.  By the time I finish I should know where every grave is at least those with a headstone. And by the way, there are a lot of graves that it is impossible to read the headstones because of the lichens on them. They break down the stone into dirt which is what they are supposed to do but it just makes my job very hard to locate the headstones if you can't read them. And I'm sure there are also graves that don't have headstones or even markers.

Well, say a prayer for my success. I am really going to need it. It is very cold here this time of the year. Not a lot of snow but just cold. Well, I will let you know how things are going in another day or two.